Video Ads

High-Engagement Ads For Singapore and the World

Do you struggle to get traffic and engagements for your promotions and marketing campaigns? We help clients create trailers and ads for their social or advertising that help build brand awareness, get more customers and bring in paying customers. 

The good news? The don't need to cost much, but we make sure it works for your objectives.

Social Media Video Production

Here's what we do in a nutshell:

  • Demographic Analysis
  • Marketing and Messaging
  • Storyboard 
  • Use client footage / stock footage / or arrange video/audio team + director for video captures
  • Coloring
  • Compositing of effects and text
  • Output for social or video displays

Some Examples of Video for Facebook and Instagram Ads

Watch some of the video work we've put together for our clients. Now imagine what we can do for your business in driving more sales!

Next-generation Biometrics

Next-generation Biometrics video featured on US television news

Seafood restaurant bucket promotions

Seafood restaurant bucket birthday promotions

Featuring customer testimonial of an award-winning sunscreen

Instagram story to promote award wining sunscreen

Promoting a detox-tea giveaway

Women's capsule clothing promo video

Instagram story video for latest collection

YouTube channel social video

Coffee roaster Nicaraguan beans feature

Brand video for coffee roaster in Singapore


Imagine how much more revenue you can gain from more engagements, clicks while keeping your ad cost down by featuring videos (which Facebook and Instagram prefer) instead of still photos.  

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