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It's All About Being Social

As a business owner, there's just so many things to address every single day. Social Media is meant to be about building a community around your product and services — and it is a social activity because interacting online does take precious time, but it's still "social".

And businesses that just post for the sake of it, will not get the traction and engagement or brand value out of it. And not every business owner is good with social, and that's perfectly fine, because some people just love technical, engineering, strategy, financing and want to leave the socializing to other people! But still, being social is a long-term, consistent brand-building endeavour.

Running a business keeps you busy attending to many other matters, you'll need help. And that's where our social media managing team can step in and do the heavy lifting for you.

Why Social Media?

When social media is used properly, you can effectively build relationships through sharing and engagement with strangers on social platforms. People who don't know you or trust you will begin to understand what you stand for, what you do and we continue to build stronger brand awareness. Supercharge your social media with paid ads and watch your business rocket to new heights.

Taking the Hassle Out of Thinking Of Things To Say

During the process of onboarding you, we outline your brand voice and what products and services you'd like to share. We mix it all up so your followers won't get fatigued from non-stop offers. It could be something fun, educational, related to your business or a story or testimony. It's like meeting up with friends and sharing all the highlights in your life!

What You Get With Our Starter Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter Campaigns

  • One daily post created by social media experts for Facebook and one network of your choice (GMB, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • One post goes out to both networks
  • Fresh new relevant content posted to your social media accounts
  • Posts once a day, 7 days a week
  • Consistency and engagement for your brand's followers
  • Time and peace-of-mind for you
  • Optional Add-Ons like Instagram posting are also available
  • Please contact us for pricing.


We have seen countless clients play on their strengths and let us do the social management so they can free up their time and enjoy a growing thriving social media community that they can tap into.

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