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Why Singapore SEO Organic Search is Critical For Your Business

How someone finds your website on search without you paying for traffic is called "Organic Search"

Ad costs are increasing, and you don't want your business to be trailing your competitors when it comes to traffic. As a business owner, you will want t be focusing on 2 forms of traffic, Paid and Organic. Paid traffic comes from your Facebook / Instagram or Google Ads, while Organic traffic comes from major search engines like Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go and more.

From our observations across our client accounts over the years, we notice that when a user searches and finds your website on search, there is 2000% increased chance of them contacting you for your service, or to even buy your product, contrast this with someone finding you through a paid ad. 

As Google and other search engines like Bing develop their algorithms, they all seek to mimic how a human would rate content on a webpage. Many factors come into play when a search engine decides where to rank your website when a search term is used by a user.

Is Getting SEO Service Important in Singapore?

Absolutely. We've got case studies to show that Singapore businesses often suffer from poor website traffic and that becomes reduced revenues and sales because their competitors are engaged in Search Optimization activities with agencies. No two agencies are alike though and our focus is on long-term growth through great content strategy, engagement and authority building for our clients.

We've taken several clients languishing in page 3 and more of Google relevant searches and put them into top spots on high-revenue, high-buyer-intent keywords. Imagine what getting in the top spots of Google could mean for your businesses! It's could mean a 10x or more in your sales year on year, which would make your businesses a lot more valuable online as it probably already is offlin.

Should You Invest in SEO in Singapore or Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads?

In an ideal world, you should invest in all platforms, but if you aren't ready to risk your marketing spend on online advertising, we absolutely understand. Every ad platform has its own audiences that requires experience and know-how to reach effectively. So we always recommend clients get on a SEO campaign with us. Why?

The Benefits of Better SEO rankings:

  • You will get more website traffic from prospective buyers
  • More opportunities for people to engage with your brand
  • Visitors coming in from Search Results tend to take more action on your website, such as submitting and enquiry or calling you to find out about your service
  • You aren't at the mercy advertising platform rule changes
  • You can monitor your traffic and what happens on your website
  • SEO content effects last for years as opposed to ad campaigns that stop when you stop paying
  • You build domain authority for your business that means more traffic!

Why Getting Found Through Organic Search Results Is So Valuable

Paid traffic like running an Adwords campaign is a great way to get your business noticed by your preferred audiences, but it stops as soon as you stop advertising, or the cost of ad placements increases as other competitors fight for the same spots.

Example: Getting found on page 1 when a user types in a relevant search term like "heart doctor in Singapore" and assuming you are a cardiologist, would be worth a lot, because most users assume that top searches are "the best".

Just imagine what a top spot on Google for a premium keyword means for your business, if you're running a clinic, a local service business or a contracting service!

I Got An Email About An SEO Service In Singapore That Told Me I'll Get Number #1 Spot, Or My Money Back, Is This True?

Sure, ranking for a non-related, low-buyer-intent, low competition keyword is absolutely easy. But when it comes to the big leagues and you're trying to get traffic on very profitable keywords (e.g. Heart Surgeon, Best Litigation Lawyer), the stakes are much higher.  

Here's the low-down on how this "Get you on number 1 spot" deal works. They will purposefully find an easy to rank keyword that would be mostly unprofitable, then show you in a few days that your website now ranks top spot. Following this "proof" you may be led through a sales pitch that requires payment of large fees as a next step. 

Honestly, losing money on one-off cowboy deals would be a cheaper lesson learnt compared to getting penalized.

If these less-than-ethical agencies are out to make a quick buck, they may attempt game the search engines — you don't want to be blacklisted by Google or any other major search engine because that may mean your website domain never ever getting found again.

You can avoid, that just contact us for quick consult, it's no obligation, just a quick conversation to find out if we are a right fit for your business.

So How Do I Get On Page One Or Number 1 Spot With SEO Services?

Well, there's a whole bunch of people claiming they can get you number one spot if you pay them a handsome sum of money, or even for a paltry sum of money. Here's where I would advise any friend who owns a business to be extremely careful.

"Cheap" in SEO terms for results would most usually mean some sort of non-human, spammy bot, automated behaviour. Or worse yet, some "blackhat" practices that would most certainly get your domain hit with a permanent penalty. (some sites that did well prior got completely removed from search results by Google) It's a devastating outcome for any business an that's why I'd suggest extreme caution when embarking on any SEO service without understanding what they do.

Remember, the more outlandish the claims are for SEO by any company, then greater the risk you might be exposing your entire business to. We have seen that constant content improvements and serving your audiences work in the long run and don't suffer with every Google algorithm change.

We take a completely different approach to SEO: by building great user-friendly and extremely high-value content that people can learn from and be educated — a particular topic related to a service or product being offered by our clients. We manually write SEO-oriented articles on-site and share articles off-site on relevant websites/blogs so we increase the reach of our clients.

Don't go for short-term gains that can hurt your website permanently but create value for your audiences so your pages will naturally gain rankings. The more users find your content useful, the better your website will rank. It's a marathon and not a sprint.

Having said that, we've got 80% of our clients to top spots on search results within 6-12 months. And they keep going because they know they are building authority and presence online.

Some of the factors, and listed in no particular order that affect your SEO scores include:

  • Age of your website domain
  • Number of articles and links from other websites to your pages (and authority of those websites)
  • Number for links within your website
  • The length of the content on your site
  • The relevance of your page for the search term used
  • Social media signals
  • Domain Authority
  • Page interactions

"How Long Will It Take My Website To Rank Better On Google?"

It depends. It's based on mainly on how competitive your landscape is, and how your competitors are doing on their SEO. Remember they may have had some head start but have stopped investing in content. This means you have a good chance of overtaking them. We've done it quite a number of times and beat even the top dogs that were dominating specific keywords for a long time.

It's about making sure your website offers better value and more content that people enjoy reading. Let's just say our clients are happy with us!

Also, keep in mind that individual web pages are ranked and not entire sites. However, the more pages you have that are highly ranked, say you're "CNN.COM" any new page you create would be given a lot more authority than say a new website adding a new page. So we usually work on your homepage and several key service/product pages and make sure the content is extremely valuable and useful to anyone who finds your page.

Here's a rough estimate on how long it takes (disclaimer: your results will vary):

  • New Website: Give it 9-12 months
  • 5-Year Old Site with some content: 3-9 months
  • 10- year old site with some content: 3-6 months

Ok How Much Will Engaging SEO Services in Singapore Cost?

We get results, and the cost will be minuscule compared to the overall gains for your business. We've done this repeatedly through our proven strategies across all industries. All you need to do is let us do the content work. Typical results show up from month number 2 when your changes are indexed by search engines.

Here's the Basic Starting Work For Any Successful SEO Singapore Campaign

  • 4 x articles a month offsite
  • Complete Site Audit to find errors / critical issues
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page Optimization 15 Hours
  • Natural Content Writing
  • Meta Title And Description Optimization
  • Schema Markup Organisation
  • Monthly reporting for tracking search performance and competitor analysis
  • 2nd Month 3 x Guaranteed Domain Authority DA Links
  • Guaranteed same industry as client or close match

Our basic SEO campaigns start from S$1600 per month. Results are trackable, measurable, safe, profitable in the long run.


Content marketing is making a stronger than ever comeback as the days of cheap online advertising are over. An organic search click is approximately 200% more likely to convert into a paying customer vs a paid search ad.

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