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Not All Websites Are Created Equal

I'm sure by now you've heard of cheap website design services ($50 and your website is up) or Do-it-Yourself hosted platforms that help you get up and running quick. What usually happens very quickly is that if your business is successful and growing, you start to run into very limiting problems such as:

  • Slow websites that cost you conversions ( I blame budget and bad hosting services that oversubscribe their hardware)
  • Insecure websites that get hacked and taken offline (Pay cheap buy twice.. or more)
  • Badly structured website that on the surface look pleasant but do nothing to bring you traffic (pretty but pretty useless)
  • Hard to integrate websites with any automation services such as analytic tools, email automation, ad landing pages etc.
  • Using pre-built themes that have many elements that are not aligned with your corporate identity or brand aesthetic.

How Realisma Builds Websites

We find out what you want, what you think works for you. And we then look at you needs to structure your site based on exactly what will work for you, based on our extensive marketing experience. Everything takes a backseat to marketing objectives because getting you profitable revenues and leads are priority. Design will have to work around that.

Every industry and every product niche has common conventions that shouldn't be broken. Why? It's simply because people have been proven by science to have very low attention spans and need clear directions on what you're selling and why they need to purchase from you.

We use design to amplify that goal and focus on the customer journey, human psychology and what is proven by science. All websites that we re-develop for clients show at least a 30% traffic increase in 3 months, most hit 2x traffic within 12 months from just better structure alone.

Understanding Your Brand Aesthetics And Increasing your Business Profits

Just like a skincare company may want to look a certain way — you know the: "clean bright look with pretty models", it doesn't mean that the website cannot do that AND still get audiences interested in what you have to say. I've fought my fair share of arguments through tests with my clients that there are some conventions you shouldn't break. One of which is clarity of communications, another is size of images and where content needs to be on a page. It's almost an esoteric art with a huge dose of practicality.

A lot of thought goes into designing a great website. Content order, image type, fonts, colors, brand-voice... it's not something you want to leave to chance. The good news is that we do all that thinking and planning so it speeds up the development process and you will know your website is in safe hands.

We need to "read the room" when it comes to understanding what the new website needs to look like and how it needs to be structured. It's about what's proven to work, and what changes you will need to make to have your website work better for your business. 

SEO is unfriendly and brutal in some ways. If you don't have certain elements of your website in a certain order, or even when your elements are too small to click, you will get less traffic. What's even more harrowing is that, there are hundreds of factors that go search engine algorithms that decide if they want to rank your website high or low. 

Always start well with a well-grounded, soundly structured website and you can put your company budget to other better uses instead of countless iterations that yield no benefit to you.

Our Philosophy For Practical Design And Consumer-Centric Needs

It's really simple. We find out what you as a client will want, who your customers are and we work to build a site that increases your traffic and as a result, more leads and profits. If we design something that your customers want, they will keep coming. 

Now, where experts like us come in — we know exactly what type of customers respond to specific website structures.

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