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Instant Traffic With Fast Results Through Google Ads, Facebook / Instagram Ads

You have probably heard of running ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube and more. The fact is they all work great and reach different audiences on the internet. 

Running paid traffic through the use of ads on Social Media or Google Search really short-cuts the process of getting traffic through organic search. You effectively get to put your offer (for a ad placement fee) in front of your targeted audiences. 

But, as you might have experienced on your own, running ads don't seem to work for you. These are the common issues that businesses run into when they try to run their own ads:

  • The ads are getting more expensive and you don't get the ROI you desire
  • People click on your ad but you don't get the sale
  • Your ads used to work and then they stopped working, leaving you wondering if the media platform is just trying to make you spend more. 
  • You get all sorts of un-related enquiries
  • You boosted the ads, got some likes and clicks but not much else

As an agency, we've seen countless companies try their hand and dabble with ads, but what most don't realize is that if you don't know what you're doing when it comes to ads, you would be throwing your marketing budget into a dark hole of no returns. Ads work and will continue to work IF you have an expert and a team to manage your ads. 

The Cost of Running Ads For Your Business on Facebook or Google/YouTube  Ads

A business that's brand new to ads and trying to do it on their own, usually work with a tiny budget. There's really nothing wrong with a small realistic budget BUT you do need to allow your ad platform to run your ad and show it to enough people before it can figure out who responds to your ads. The Artificial Intelligence that goes behind these ad platforms are amazing and they only work well if they have enough data. And yes, you will need to pay to play.

How much you need to spend to get good data depends on what industry you are advertising for. If you're in the medical or legal profession, you will be competing with higher ad bidding, which translates to higher ad cost. But it's not just about spending more money. It's about understanding what it costs you to acquire a new customer and convert a visitor into a paying client. 

For Example: If you spend $500 on ads to reach 50 people and 1 convert, that might seem a lot. But if that 1 conversion is worth $2500, you're "in the money" and you're going to be net $2000 up. Seems like a good deal to me, wouldn't you say?

Most people are put off by ads because of "cost" but as professional marketers we look at the data and see if we are getting a positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) as well as other useful metrics in determining if an ad is good or bad.

Every industry is different and every niche is going to have its own fair share of competitors. Our job is to help you, the client, spend as little on ads for as much return as possible — this helps you gain market share from your competitors and helps you dominate.

The Customer Journey And What Ads Work Best

Building Ad Customer Funnels Singapore Businesses

What we've learnt with time, is that being specific with your ad objectives helps us determine what platform and what type of ads work best. The typical customer goes from:

  1.  Not knowing their needs or trusting your brand or solution (Top of the funnel)
  2.  Researching what products and services fits their needs (Middle of the funnel)
  3.  Deciding on which service or product they will purchase (Bottom of the funnel)

For example, if you're starting out in with a new service, you're going to have to explain what your service does, and maybe a video explainer ads would work and perhaps Facebook/Instagram and YouTube would work great to communicate what your service does, you might get a sale, but the objective is to let people know what you can do instead of getting the sale on the very first visit. Sure it might happen, which is good, but we stay focused on letting people know about you and develop trust first.

What about another example where you're in a highly competitive space and your competitors are already advertising? How would you use the customer journey to help you understand what ads work?

We'd first do research on your competitors and find out what's working for them, and which part of the customer journey they maybe getting their success from. We then strategize a plan which may involve more than one part of the funnel, develop the campaigns and create the ads for you. 

At more advanced levels, we utilize remarketing (ads that follow the customer around) to clinch that elusive sale on a higher priced service or product.

How We Get Ads To Work For You

We do all the massive research and leverage on our experience to craft out specific campaigns with specific outcomes you want to go for. Every business is different which means we will need to plan and execute ad creative, sales copywriting, ad landing pages, automation and follow-up sequences in very unique ways. 

We help clients get phenomenal results by keeping ad costs low with high-quality text/image and video ads. Keeping their ads highly visible in search and keeping the ad platform happy with our well-crafted ads. 

Our team analyzes the data and performance of each ad campaign and make the necessary adjustments to tweak ads so your ads get better click-throughs and impressions. All this is done for you, so you can focus on developing the leads that come into your inbox. 

What we do in a nutshell:

  • Ad Account Setup
  • Combine visual appeal of FB + GDN (available as a campaign add-on)
  • Enhance brand awareness with banner ads across Google’s Partner network (available as an add-on)
  • Remarketing to existing audiences/visitors via upsell/crossell
  • Website Tracker Setup
  • 2 Campaigns per month (more campaigns options available)
  • Set up Video ads

For pricing and cost, please contact us so we can do an audit on your site and better advise you on accurate cost plans for your businesses growth stage.

Video Ads And Why They Matter Now

We help clients with creating stunning and eye-catching video ads on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. These videos get high engagements and video play-throughs and are extremely well thought out. We help attract more clicks by leveraging on consumer psychology and data as part of our ad creation process. 

Video ads are generally cheaper to run, harder to create but yield much much better results at reduced cost. Ad platforms recognize that trend of moving people spending more time watching videos on social media and as such, price video ads at lower placement costs than static images. Word of caution: A poorly made video is still going to cost significantly more to place than a well-crafted one.

As you can see by now, placing ads may seem simple at first, but expert advertisers know the ins and outs and how to get ads to work.

👉🏻 Watch some samples of the ads we've done for our clients!  

You'd be surprised at how much ground we cover and how affordable it is. Contact us today for more information.


Level-up your ad game and get more engagements, clicks and sales and keep your ad cost down by featuring videos instead of photos, which advertising platforms like Facebook and Instagram prefer.  

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