How Do We Charge?

Apr 12
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It’s about prioritising your goals and knowing what kind of ROI you need.

Let’s be brutally honest for a second.

If you have a $8k budget for marketing and you’re about to sink $2k on some print brochures, don’t. Just don’t. The commodity of the internet is about content and people who are driven to your content, product and services and that $2k you spend online will give you better yield, simply because the chance of getting seen and talked about is much greater than you could ever imagine.

When push comes to shove, I would have my clients think about who they want to bring to their content and what type of site they want to build. It’s all well and good to have the latest and greatest “trendy” designs, but if you are selling insurance to the people above 60, you are going to run into some issues because of relevance.

This is where we step in and slap digital sense into our clients, like it or not, we are ruthless about delivering value in real-world terms so we will always steer meetings and conversations to ensuring you maximise your chances of being relevant to your audience. Most firms will inundate you with a boatload of marketing rah-rah. They will preach to you the promise of more customers by using a fancy animation on your website then up-sell you some other packages that really will not add value to your marketing project. Sure, it’s going to be good, but more so for the agency than your actual business.

Our process is stupidly simple:

  1. What is your target?
  2. How we get there with the money you intend to spend.
  3. Work with you and your experience and wisdom to integrate that into a website/project that gets to very close to what you want to achieve.
  4. Make you happy that we delivered real-world value
  5. You come back to us and let your friends know about how great it’s working out for you.

So once you build a site, what next? Here’s where you have to think about security and your marketing to get your traffic to your website. This is where our digital marketing comes in (check our services page).

So if you’re going to build a site, let’s do it right. Contact us today!

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