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Feb 19
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Singapore Digital Marketing Company and an Agency Are Not Created Equal

Quality matters. SEO or Content Marketing is huge for search traffic and every agency has their own blueprint and expertise. Some agencies, like with most things in life, are exceptional, whilst others just treat it as a bolt-on service, or at best, an afterthought.

We see SEO as a cornerstone of the website's power to attract organic search traffic and it's always our focus before we even talk about paid traffic. Our focus is on building great content on and offsite for you, if you're running a business.

Having strategically chosen the right partner in content creation at the right time with great relevance to your reader creates the best potential for retention. As an agency, we always focus on giving high value and results to our clients and part of that work in helping with organic search traffic for their business is to develop great relevant content. 

Why Good Content Always Leads to Better Search Traffic

It's been proven time and time again that having well-crafted content executed drives relevant traffic. Consistency across the business website (and social mediafolio) leads to resourcefulness and efficiency, which translates into increased credibility and authority. Of course it's also about ensure your website is structured properly to begin with. If you're in the search for a reliable, professional web design team, check out our web design services.

Investing in (and supporting) quality content such as topic-focused guides e.g. "how to improve your sales with 5 tweaks to your everyday operations" will radically increase your organic visibility and potentially deliver tremendous returns — like a substantial increase in site traffic and conversions.

SEO for Local Business in Singapore is Very Underrated

If you're a local business owner running a restaurant, or maybe a service like a clinic with a speciality and need a boost in appointments and bookings, it's worth your while to invest in increasing your organic search results e.g. Google, Bing search.

Most local businesses owners I speak to tend to have some sort of experience with Facebook Ads and they usually have had not had lasting success with it. And on further probing of their website content, I usually see the problem of non-existent or poorly structured content. So ad performances are massively affected by your website content as well and almost no one bothers to tell clients that because they have an impression that it doesn't "sell as well".

We know the difference. It's what determines if your'e on page one rank one OR struggling on page 3 of search results and paying top dollar for ads.

Organic search traffic gives about 10 to 20 times the actual conversions compared to paid advertising traffic. You can't make money if you don't have a customer.

Once you get a visitor, then what? That's where your customer funnel begins.

Understanding That SEO Services by a Singapore Digital Marketing Company Go Beyond Just Content

It's important to ensure that you're at the top of the search results list.

Every online business or service has a landing page. They're often tied into a PPC (pay-per-click) ad account, and they're often one of a few pages the searcher needs to reach. If you have good SEO ranks on your pages and you put PPC that leads to your landing pages, you're going to supercharge it by making your ad spend way less than your competition.

Landing Page Optimisation ("LPA") is about ensuring that you have a winning conversion rate on your landing page — that is, when someone clicks on your e.g. Pinterest link and lands on your website, a conversion happens.

I've seen many businesses throw up ads, pay for them and just lead their ad-clicking traffic to the home page. This is not a good idea at all.

A visit to your landing page should begin with the warm relevant lead magnet. Leading off a visit with a valuable content offer is the best way to entice visitors and persuade them to make an initial purchase. A content-centric approach serves visitors well. Visitors are especially likely to buy when they see something valuable or useful that they can't get elsewhere.

Creating value (and optimizing for searches) is essential to your business brand strategy. Finding the best ways to get traffic on your website and ensure you rank well is vital too. The increased traffic you'll receive will be a significant boost in your bottom-line. More importantly, understanding the positions that to prioritize in your marketing planning can boost your efficiency, drive reliable leads and increase your ranking on Google search results pages.

Investing in (and promoting) quality content will radically increase your organic visibility as a brand too! And potentially deliver tremendous returns — like a substantial increase in site traffic and conversions.

 Rich marketing campaigns that clearly articulate your brand, content, and overall purpose are mega drivers of website traffic and revenue. Most businesses have a website. In this article,

We help companies with optimizing your site for search engines. In addition to answering any key questions, I go into great detail to answer the other important questions that a business owner needs to answer when you're planning out a website's strategy and execution.

Social Media Is Now A Pay-to-Play Platform

Content marketing is the strategic activity of creating, distributing, and managing all types of online content — including blog posts and other online materials such as online courses, tools, and demos — to create and inform the audience's understanding of topics, people, or ideas.

A lot of businesses don't realize that if they have 1000 followers on Facebook, only 30 of them will see your business-related page post. And post may be content that you've put significant resources behind, only to see it get little eyeballs on.

So Facebook or Instagram then tells you to "Boost" your post. AKA Pay for more viewers you actually thought you had to begin with.

All too often, we fall for the most expensive social marketing channel first. Sure, it works in the short term and can be an effective way of reaching out to potential customers. But when it comes to the long-term performance of a business, speed over value will always yield less — and that's where SEO and Content Marketing will trump any short-term ad spend.

Build Relationships that Give You SEO Backlinks

Think about it this way: instead of spending time creating a truly valuable social media post, spend that time directing and engaging with relevant content on other platforms, like your own website or a micro influencer blog. We've done this with tremendous success for our clients.

More engaging content attracts relevant players who want to be involved in the conversation; more broad conversations attract more advertisement opportunities. We do blog outreach to get products and services in relevant industry new blogs so they get referral links which helps in page ranks for your website.

The result would be better long-term results for your business. Practically, building and maintaining relationships on other platforms is also part of the SEO strategy although to a lesser degree as opposed to getting SEO content built from scratch for your business by experts.

Engaging content is also a key step to securing sales revenue, this motivates and helps in keeping in-house talent on board, and expanding your product offerings.

Businesses should also pay more attention to what content resonates most with their target audiences. A business's social media account should therefore be focused on what really matters to that audience, as opposed to fill-in-the-blank posts that have no real impact.

SEO is changing and Google is known to have 60 algorithm tweak in a given day, all in a bid to make their system "more human" and ultimately we save you the effort of creating content and reaching out to other websites and letting you focus on your expertise. Your business. 

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