Jan 07

It’s 2019 And Your Website Is Still Important *updated

Have you ever heard someone tell you “I don’t need a website because my store runs great on Facebook shopping” or something to that effect? I’ve even seen many Amazon sellers speak little about the need to have your own webstore even if you’re making millions off your Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) account. It’s very […]

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Dec 18

6 Marketing Mistakes You Can Fix Before Lunchtime Tomorrow

Here’s the quick 5-minute check up that local businesses like yours need to do so you stop playing catchup to the leaders in your industry space. Digital marketing is a big industry in and of itself. It can get very complicated very quickly as trends are ever-shifting from new regulations (see Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica issue) […]

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Apr 12

How Do We Charge?

It’s about prioritising your goals and knowing what kind of ROI you need. Let’s be brutally honest for a second. If you have a $8k budget for marketing and you’re about to sink $2k on some print brochures, don’t. Just don’t. The commodity of the internet is about content and people who are driven to […]

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