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Next-Level Digital Marketing

Who We Are

Realisma Digital Agency started out as an interactive web design company; developing Macromedia Flashed-based websites in 2001 for companies looking to showcase their products and services in a fully-immersive digital experience. Our clients included billion-dollar companies like CapitaLand and other SGX listed companies such as Bukit Sembawang Estates and more. With the advent of smartphones, we moved towards mobile-first web design structures where we leveraged our understanding of user experience (UX) into our projects. 

There was a pattern that we needed to undo. After a launch of a website, the website would receive moderate traffic and very often, there was no ongoing digital marketing strategy to take the website to the heights that it was supposed to achieve — we didn't see massive traffic coming to the sites and as a result made little headway into helping our clients get the sales they desired. We found ourselves desiring to add real value to the customers (by impacting their actual sales) and the only way was to understanding how to drive their desired customers to website using content and social media as well as paid ads.

Fast forward to 2018. Realisma has gained a wealth of expertise in highly-effective digital marketing systems and we rolled out our services to a few local companies and noticed tremendous growth in their customer acquisitions after we restructured their sites and deployed killer-digital marketing strategies for them. They had more traffic, more growth in sales and needless to say, we stayed on as consultants for them.

We invested great time and resources to develop cutting-edge expertise in not just acquiring traffic but to design our own online marketing system, we are now fully equipped to handle any business, B2B, B2C or niche industries into getting huge gains in their sales revenue. We assess and diagnose our client's websites and online presence and provide in-depth consultations to hack their next stage of growth.  Part of the building blocks to success: We consult and build the entire digital marketing strategy from start to finish, adopting our proven strategies within the customer's landscape which always result in high ROI results that our clients love.

What We Do

  • We get you more "warm" traffic using SEO Ultra-Optimized websites 
  • We get you increased sales through High-conversion landing pages
  • We have proven sales-driven copywriting expertise get more sales and spend less per ad-click
  • We run highly-effective Paid Ad Traffic Campaigns on Google/Facebook
  • We let you lower your long-term marketing cost by Email List Building and Automation
  • We develop your customer into a future conversion through Sales Funnel Development
  • We provide full digital marketing consultation to point you in the right direction at your growth stage

Founder - Adrian Heng

Crazy About Marketing and Passionate About Getting Results For Clients

It is about delivering what works in the real world — which is ever-changing.

I was about 17 when I first fell in love with building websites. This was still in the era of 33.6k dial-up modems where we each were given a tiny space from our ISP (SingNet) with a sub-directory named after our user id. I was super pumped that I could put up a page and the whole world could have a look at what I was writing. I spent my time setting up a page for my little gaming clan where we could try to talk about our love for the game and brag about how great our skills were. 

The simple fact that we could put something for the world to see was unheard of prior to the internet. Even at those dial-up speeds, I could see the future unfolding rapidly. The possibilities for businesses, and media was unfathomable. Understanding all this, I fell in love with marketing and being empowered with unique skillsets to be able to help the people behind businesses get noticed, get customers and get life-changing revenue.

My passion is to add massive value to my clients and have them see quick results to their businesses. One of the hardest things for most business-owners to do, is actually to understand how critical digital-marketing can accelerate their success. But if they take that first step to trust experts to build out a proven system for them, they will see the results so quickly that most of them just don't believe it is actually happening!

I'm in the game to ensure that the good guys who deserve to win, actually win. There are way too many sub-par product and service-providers who shouldn't be winning — but do so only because they have started some form of digital marketing and are just ahead of the pack. I'm constantly tweaking our operational tactics to ensure we deliver the most value to our clients for every dollar they spend so that they start to see results as soon as possible and start to trust the work that is involved. 

The best part about our system is that they have proven foundations and tactically they are ever-evolving. We are always on the lookout on how to dominate the spaces that our clients are competing in with the latest tactical approaches and we want to be part of the journey of success with our clients.

If you are interested in winning with us, please reach us at sales@realisma.com and we help set you up for accelerated sales and growth.