Realisma is a creative agency that specialises in web design with the intent to communicate across print, web, video and apps.

Founded in 2002, Realisma Private Limited started delivering marketing-oriented websites and custom designed electronic media for clients such as CapitaLand, Bukit Sembawang Estates, Citigroup and many other unique clients. Every design, irregardless of media it was to be put on was painstakingly crafted to deliver a fitting performance that helped our clients communicate ideas and concepts to their audiences; effective communication to their potential customers was essential. Nevertheless, we were able to deliver amazing experiences in all our commissioned projects and soon our portfolio grew to include many other industries and even small and medium enterprises were seeking after unique online experiences.

Fast forward to 2011 (present day)… as technology platforms continue to change, so does the ability for marketeers, branding consultants to get their ideas across more effectively. Realisma is keeping up with the latest trends in modern day business operations. Clients want to be connected to Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In etc. The game is changing rapidly to include the need to utilise web apps and mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.

Realisma is still very much doing the same thing; designing rich user experiences. The essence of communicating effectively is to remove the padding and distractions of what everyone else is doing and to let your potential clients/prospects/customers/audiences know what exactly you are trying to say. With the advent of broadband and increased internet bandwidth at the workplace and at home, we can now leverage on videography to make each website experience even more immersive and seductive.

We hope that we might be of service to you, so do click on our “Work” link to view our portfolio.